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About us

Welcome at Centrum Diagnostyki Laboratoryjnej

Centrum Diagnostyki Laboratoryjnej was established in 1998. Many years of experience in the medical industry allowed CDL to achieve high standards in each step of diagnostic procedures.

Thanks to a well-qualified crew of specialists in various fields of laboratory diagnostic and medical analysis technicians with many years of experience out clients can be sure of accuracy of performed tests. Experience and state-of-the-art solutions place CDL among the leaders of polish diagnostics industry.

Thanks to „MARCEL CENTRUM” we can exchange information between laboratories and Health Protection locations quickly and effectively. It is possible to integrate the reception of results using a HL7 protocol. This solution allows Health Protection to directly receive results using the patient's electronic card.

Our Courier Network operated by well-trained personnel guarantees safe transport of biological material and stability of marked parameters. Routes of the courier network are constantly monitored to achieve maximum efficiency and minimise transport time.

Vacuum system for material collection which increases workplace safety and comfort during blood sample collection

A system of barcode markings and referrals. CDL Laboratories guarantee full patient anonymity in accordance to personal data protection act of August 29th 1997.

CDL's competence is reflected in the results of nation-wide and international comparative studies conducted by among others: Central Hub for Quality Study of Laboratory Diagnostics in Łódź, Central Hub for Quality Study in Microbiology Diagnostics Polmicro, Labquality.

Since 01/09/2008 CDL introduced a Quality Policy which obliges CDL to constant improvement of Quality Management System by using state-of-the-art solution in the area of health care services provision.

CDL respects the right of adequate National Health Fund centre to conduct quality inspections.

Our assortment of Technologies

CDL laboratories are equipped with diagnostics gear manufactured by recognized producers who use state-of-the-art technologies.

Biochemistry and Immunochemistry

Immunobiochemical analysers:

  • Cobas 8000 by Roche
  • Cobas 6000 by Roche
  • Cobas Integra 400
  • Cobas E411
  • Analizator Cobas B121 ny Roche
  • immuno-hematology analyser: Wadiana by Grifols
Prenatal diagnostics

Analizator Delphia Xpress by Perkin Elmer


Hematology analyser (morphology with 5 Diff and 3 Diff smear):

  • XT2100,
  • XT1800
  • K4500
  • XS800i by Sysmex
  • XS1000

Biernacki reaction test:

  • Ves-Matic Cube 200
  • Ves-Matic Cube 80 by Sysmex
  • Bactec 9050 by Becton& Dickinson
  • Identification system Crystal by Becton& Dickinson
General urine analysis
  • Cytometric urine analyser Urisys 2400 by Roche
  • Cobas u601 by Roche
  • Cobas u701 by Roche


  • Cobas t411 by Roche
  • Cobas t511 by Roche
  • Cobas t711 by Roche
histopathology and cytology workroom
  • Excelsior tissue processor
  • Mikrotom HM430c paraffin sinker
  • Microtom STS, Microscope Nikon Eclipse E100Led MV R
Other workshops


  • Euroimmun IF Sprinter staining kit
  • immunofluorescent microscope Euro Star III Plus by Euroimmun


  • Euroimmun 

Our Locations


Why choose CDL

Our mission is to provide professional laboratory services based on reliable diagnostic tests.