Centrum Diagnostyki Laboratoryjnej - Doctor's Area
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Tests histopathology and cytology

CDL offers histopathological and cytological diagnostics. Tests are conducted in our own workshops, using modern technologies which allow for a quick preparation of tissue material and histopathological and cytological specimens (in accordance to guidelines set by Polish Pathomorphological Society).

Centrum Diagnostyki Laboratoryjnej owns:

  • licences for histopathology, immunohistochemistry and cytology tests granted by Polish Pathomorphology Society's commission for pathomorphology workshop licensing.
  • entry in a registry of Polish House of Laboratory Diagnosticians.

As part of cooperation we guarantee:

  • delivery of tissue material by our own delivery network
  • delivery of disposable tissue material containers
  • delivery of printed referrals
  • access to test results through the internet
  • archiving medical documentation according to presiding laws

If you are interested in cooperating with us please contact our trade representatives.