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Tests carried out in this bundle help confirm or reject suspicions of an allergy and will help determine causes of allergy.

  • Morphologyis a test helpful in the assessment of general health state of the patient. It focuses on parameters assessing the red blood cell, white blood cell and platelet systems. Results beyond the norm might be a first symptom of worrying changes in the organism.
  • Allergology panels: food, inhalation, pediatric, atopicis a set of most commonly occurring environmental allergic agents. Te test is based on marking specific antibodies of the IgE class present in the blood which cause allergic reactions.
  • Total IgE (immunoglobulin E)Is a protein which increased levels may suggest tendencies to allergies.
  • Test for eozynofiliiallows for quantitative assessment of cells responsible for allergic reactions.

It is worth Knowing

Allergy symptoms:

  • difficulty breathing, coughing, asthma attacks
  • diarrhoea and stomachache of unknown cause
  • runny or stuffed nose
  • rash, flushed skin
  • tearing of the conjunctiva

Often symptoms of allergy are overlooked as they are similar to those of a flu. Allergy is different from flu by:

  • normal body temperature
  • symptoms last more than 10 days

It is worth remembering that allergies can be seasonal.

Allergy cause illnesses are one of the most often experienced ailments in developed countries. Ignoring allergy symptoms or wrong approach to treatment increases the risk of developing other, more serious issues.