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Tests in this bundle will help determine the health state of the kidneys. Negative results can indicate kidney disorders.

  • General urine testThis test is a valuable source of information on the state of kidneys and a possible infection of urinary or genitourinary system.
  • ureaThe test is advised to diagnose kidney diseases. High results can indicate kidney insufficiency or metabolic disorders.
  • CreatinineThis test is helpful in diagnostics of kidney functions, treating kidney diseases and monitoring the effectiveness of dialysis High number of this parameter mean problems with kidney functioning and are a basis for observation and treatment. This parameter is used to calculate GFR – the speed of kidney filtration which indicates the efficiency of kidneys.
  • Urine acidIts level is marked in diagnostics of kidney diseases. This test is also related to metabolic disorders.
  • ElectrolytesMarking these two cations (Na, K) allows recognition of water-electrolyte balance disorders (kidney diseases, dehydration, etc.).