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Tests contained within this bundle indicate the general health state of a woman planning a pregnancy. Specific tests will show the state of organs such as kidneys or liver. Hormonal tests will help monitor the development of the pregnancy. Tests for anaemia, diabetes, urinary tract infections, toxoplasmosis, rubella, HIV and HCV are crucially important for mother's and child's health.

  • MorphologyBlood morphology – this test is helpful in the assessment of general health state of the patient. It focuses on parameters assessing the red blood cell, white blood cell and platelet systems. Results beyond the norm might be a first symptom of worrying changes in the organism.
  • Folic acidLow level of folic acid in pregnant women may result in developmental problems of the fetus.
  • General urine testIt is the primary test helpful in recognising kidney diseases and infections of the genitourinary system. Those infections are the main causes of childbirth complications.
  • glucoseIs an elementary test in recognising disorders of the hydrocarbon economy, among which the most common is diabetes. Diagnosed and treated early is crucial for health of mother and her child.
  • CreatinineUsing this parameter we can calculate GFR – the speed of kidney filtration which indicates the level of kidney efficiency.
  • Total proteinincreased or reduced levels of total proteins in the serum might be a result of a change in protein metabolism or disorders of water economy. Low concentration can be caused by insufficient supply in a low-protein diet, problems with absorption, excessive loss during kidney or digestive tract diseases, or insufficient biosynthesis during liver diseases.
  • antibodies anticardiolipin IgG I IgMTest used to detect antibodies which presence may be a cause of miscarriages.
  • Chlamydia trachomatis IgG - quantitative assessmentTest that determines infections that can cause problems with conceptions or miscarriages.
  • AlbuminLow level can be caused by liver and kidney diseases, increased catabolism, as well as an insufficient supply in states of malnourishment or while on low-protein diet.
  • Rubella IgGNegative result rules out rubella infection during pregnancy.
  • anti HCVThe purpose of this test is to rule out contact with HCV virus (liver inflammation type C).
  • HIVHIV test mandatory before childbirth.
  • ProgesteroneHormone responsible for proper fetal development and sustaining the pregnancy.
  • Toxoplasmosis gondii (toxoplasmosis) IgG - quantitative assessmentTest that enables determining immunity to parasitical infection of Toxoplasma gondii during pregnancy. This parasite can cause complications during the pregnancy.