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Rheumatic illnesses are characterised by protracted inflammatory changes in the area of connecting tissue. Joints and bones hurt and in more serious cases their movement is partially or even fully restricted. Tests in this bundle will help determine the causes of joint and bone pain, which can be either caused by rheumatic disease, mineral economy disorder or microorganism infection.

  • Morphology test that allows you to assess your overall health state based on the number and appearance of different types of blood cells, i.e. red, white, and platelets. One of the first symptoms of many diseases are changes in blood counts, therefore this test may be the basis for diagnosis of anaemia, viral or bacterial infections, immunodeficiencies, coagulation disorders.
  • OBtest helping assess the general health state It is an indicator of heavy and protracted inflammations.
  • CRPtest used in diagnostics and monitoring of heavy inflammations of various causes.
  • Urine acidits level is noted in the case of joint ailments – for example in diagnosis of gout and monitoring its treatment.
  • ASO – quantitative assessmenthigh titer of streptolysin O antibodies is an expression of streptococcal infection.
  • Rheumatic factor (RF) - quantitative assessmentthis test is commonly used in rheumatic arthritis diagnostics – the presence of RF factor is also noted in the case of visceral lupus erythematosus, systemic sclerosis, myositis or dermatomyositis.
  • P/c against cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti CCP)the presence of anti-CCP antibodies is observed in the early stage of rheumatic joint inflammation many years (9 to 14 years) before any actual clinical symptoms appear.
  • Odczyn Waalera-Rosegoindication for the Waller-rose reagent test are rheumatic diseases. A positive result indicates a rheumatological factor
  • Borelia burgdorferi (boreliosis) IgG, IgMtests for boreliosis – illnesses carried by ticks. Symptoms of boreliosis might be pain of joints and bones.
  • antinuclear and cytoplasmic antibodies ANA-1 - AU02are a screening test for diagnostics of connecting tissue diseases, caused by an auto-immunological reaction.