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One aspect of a healthy lifestyle is mindful approach to one's health by performing regular prophylactic tests. Thanks to tests in this bundles many diseases can be detected in their early stages, even before any symptoms are visible. This allows to begin treatment early, maximising successful treatment chance and slowing down the development of the disease.

  • MorphologyTest which helps assess the general health state of the patient based on the number and appearance of different type of cells – i.e. red, white and plates. One of the first symptoms of many diseases are changes in blood morphology – this is why this test can be a big step towards diagnosing anaemia, viral infections, bacterial infections, immunological inefficiencies, coagulation disorders and others.
  • OBtest helping assess the general health state It is an indicator of heavy and protracted inflammations.
  • General urine testThis test is a valuable source of information on the state of kidneys and a possible infection of urinary or genitourinary system.
  • glucoseIs an elementary test in diagnosing diabetes and monitoring its treatment.
  • Lipidogramthis profile consists of 4 parameters, which are used to assess the state of lipid economy and are necessary to determine the risk of development of illnesses of the circulatory system, mainly thrombosis.
  • Liver testsa set of test fully reflecting the functioning of the liver and bile ducts.
  • Urine acidits level is marked in the case of joint ailments, for example in the diagnostics of gout and controlling its treatment. The test can also be used for diagnosing kidney diseases and control of chemotherapy.
  • Creatininethis test is advised for diagnostics of kidney functions and monitoring the effectiveness of dialysis. Increased levels of this parameter mean problems with the functioning of the kidneys and are a motive for observation and treatment.
  • Ireon (Fe) low level of iron can indicate protracted blood loss, insufficient iron supply or problems with its absorption. A possible consequence of iron deficiency can be anaemia
  • TSHLow concentrations can indicate hyperfunction of this organ and high levels can indicate its insufficiency. Regular markings of this parameter are used during monitoring the pancreatic hormonal treatment.